How To Use Lattice In Your Living Room

How To Use Lattice In Your Living Room

Lattice is not just for fences and deck skirting anymore. The uses of lattice for both outdoors and indoors are limitless.

Interior uses for lattice may be a new idea, but wow! You’ll be surprised how you can utilize lattice for your interior design, organization and handy must haves for any of your rooms.

Lattice can create a modern yet classic look and add big time character for your interior rooms without a lot of effort.

Actually, lattice is a great interior furnishing idea. It can bring a bit of outdoors to your interior, and trust us, that may not be a bad thing. It all depends on your style and the room you want to update or create.

Utilizing lattice for your living room décor can be fun. The lattice will provide a new look for an old room. It can also add texture to an otherwise ordinary space and is a great way to create a focal point in your living room as well.

You can add lattice to the wall of your living room as an architectural detail, but don’t stop there. Consider adding lattice to the ceiling.

Lattice will produce an eye catching one of a kind look to make your room stand out. The lattice can also bring a touch of elegance to your living room.

The most common pattern for lattice use is the diagonal pattern. However, you can mix it up a bit by adding the square pattern to create your own design and personal touch. Consider using both patterns of lattice when incorporating it in your décor to have the exact look you desire.

Seriously, the options can be endless. You imagine it then you create it, and Viola! You have a personal design.

How To Use Lattice In Your Living Room
Not sure you feel comfortable with adding lattice to the walls of your living room? What about incorporating lattice in other areas?

Spruce up an old cabinet by using lattice for the doors. Paint or stain the cabinet, remove the center panel of the cabinet door and insert the lattice sheet. The lattice cabinet door may be just the thing to restore and create a beautiful new look to the entertainment area of your living room.

Or maybe you have built in shelves that seem to be lacking any type of personality. Enhance the shelves by adding lattice to the wall between shelves. You’ll find that lattice panels over a painted wall behind the shelves will give it definition and the added pop you’re looking for.

You can use lattice as a room divider, sectional screen or even over a mirror to provide depth and glamour to the décor.  Looking for more inspiration for indoor lattice ideas?  Check out Pinterest for more!

How To Use Lattice In Your Living Room

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