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Which Lattice is Best for Your Project?

Which lattice is best for your project

Lattice offers a great option for all types of projects!

It enhances the look of any outdoor area. It allows airflow and allows the sun to shine through while providing privacy.

There are many options for lattice today. It can be hard to decide what type to use for your project. Let’s take a look at the positive and negative of the most common lattice types. Continue reading

Using Vinyl Lattice Around Your Pool

Using Vinyl Lattice Around Your Pool 315

The official first day of summer is fast approaching. However in some areas the temperatures have already hit the hot mark. So if you have a pool you’ve probably already opened it. Or maybe you’re considering adding a pool to your property this year.

Either way, you probably want your pool area to enhance the existing landscape and not hinder the look of your property.
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