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Small Back Yard Ideas

Small Back Yard Ideas -315

Are you someone with a small back yard and at a loss of how to enhance this area?

While the DIY shows are great, they tend to offer great ideas for larger areas. But rest assured you can make a small space functional and inviting. No matter the size of your back yard, there are great ways to landscape and transform this area.

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Privacy Screens and Fences

Permalatt lattice Privacy Screens and Fences

We all want a place where we feel secure to peacefully relax.

We want to feel comfortable and not exposed in our outdoor spaces. However, we don’t necessarily want to feel closed in or totally secluded while we obtain our privacy. What would you think about a way to provide privacy for your property and outdoor area that will also add style, allow natural light and airflow? There is a way to achieve this with a Permalatt lattice screen or lattice fence. You will also find that a lattice screen or fence may be the most cost-effective way to make your dream of privacy a reality. Continue reading

Lattice Ideas for Privacy

Lattice Ideas for Privacy

We all need and want privacy from time to time. We cherish a place where we can spend time alone or with our friends and family.

If you are in an area with your neighbors right next to you, or you feel exposed you may want a bit of open seclusion in your outdoor space. The entire open seclusion thing is privacy without a closed in feeling.
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