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What To Do With Permalatt Lattice


What To Do With Permalatt Lattice

Permalatt Products, Inc. manufactures two styles of lattice, 1) The Decorative 3D lattice and, 2) the DuraShell® lattice.

The Decorative 3D lattice is constructed of two solid cellular core strips that are 1/8” thick. Where the two strips cross it creates the ¼” total thickness we note on our website.

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Home Improvement Projects with Permalatt Lattice

Home Improvement Projects Using Permalatt Lattice

As a contractor you will be presented with a project that calls for the use of premium materials. Your client is very specific about the way the finished look of the project is to be.

The client also prefers the quality and longevity of the completed project to be exceptional. While they want all of this, they expect the cost to be minimal and the completion date expedited.

All of their request and expectations are justified, so now it’s up to you to make it happen for them. If the home improvement project includes lattice we have a great opportunity to help you meet all of your client’s wishes.

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How to Use DuraShellĀ® Lattice in Interior Projects

How to Use DuraShell® Lattice in Interior Projects

As a contractor you have many opportunities to be creative with the vision your client is trying to make a reality in their project. There are a few clients who know exactly how they want the end result to look and can explain it to you.

Then there are the clients who have the idea in their mind, and want you to take that and create the perfect layout and design. Either way, your suggestions on design and materials will probably carry weight with the client.

If you use and are familiar with our DuraShell® lattice we hope you will suggest our product in the construction. You know that no matter what the project, our lattice is easy to work with and will outlast any other type of lattice.
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