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Which Lattice is Best for Your Project?

Which lattice is best for your project

Lattice offers a great option for all types of projects!

It enhances the look of any outdoor area. It allows airflow and allows the sun to shine through while providing privacy.

There are many options for lattice today. It can be hard to decide what type to use for your project. Let’s take a look at the positive and negative of the most common lattice types. Continue reading

Beautiful Privacy Screens for Small Spaces

Beautiful Privacy Screens for Small Spaces

Are you looking for a way to add privacy to a smaller outdoor area? You have several options to create the privacy screen that makes the space your own.

Consider the décor and comfort you want in this space and go from there with the privacy screen options. Not sure how you want to do it? Ok, first we will list a “few” options. Lattice screens, portable partitions, outdoor curtains, or even boards make great privacy screens. Continue reading

Using Vinyl Lattice for Outdoor Privacy Panels

Using Vinyl Lattice for Outdoor Privacy Panels

Do you have a spot on the property that needs some added outdoor privacy?

How in the world are you going to accomplish that without a major demo and rebuild project? Or maybe you don’t have an existing private spot and want to add one. We have the solution. Incorporate vinyl lattice privacy panels.
Continue reading