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Grape Arbor Solutions with Vinyl Lattice

Grape Arbor Solutions with Vinyl Lattice

Grape arbors have been used for centuries.You’ll find these arbors in vineyards and residential gardens. The grape vines growing over and through an arbor have the benefit of providing attractive landscaping for the homeowner.

Of course, it provides delightful juicy grapes as well. In the peak season of the grape vines, you’ll enjoy the pleasant shaded area it creates. A grape arbor can also serve as a passageway to a garden or patio area on your property.
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Pergola or Gazebo: Which is Better for You?

Pergola or Gazebo- Which is Better for You-

Pergolas and Gazebos have been around for years. They both provide an area that allows you to enjoy the outdoors, or entertain your friends and family, but they are different in significant ways. There’s the difference in shape, the amount of shade they provide, as well as the overall appearance. In order to decide which one will be best for you, let’s look at each of them.

Characteristics of a Pergola:

A Pergola is a structure with vertical posts or pillars that support cross beams. Pergolas are defined as a structure that has the posts secured into the ground and are free standing. They are a stationary structure. However, they can also be an extension of another building or structure. Pergolas are either square or rectangular. They have a flat and open roof. The horizontal top beams are usually covered with lattice, and the sides are open. While the lattice will provide shade for the occupants, it will not provide protection from the rain and weather. A pergola may or may not have a solid floor.
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Wood vs. Vinyl Gazebo – Which Is Better?

Wood vs. Vinyl Gazebo Which Is Better-

Gazebos have become very popular with homeowners.

With jobs and stressful lifestyles, a place to relax or a comfortable place to entertain has become important. There are sometimes when you just feel like being at home to escape or to enjoy the company of friends. With a Gazebo, you can do all of the above. Gazebos are an elegant and attractive option for any landscape.

There seems to be a continuing question regarding wood vs. vinyl gazebos, which one is better? Maybe the question should be “What is better for you?” I already know which one I prefer, but it’s something you really need to decide for yourself.
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