Can You Use Lattice for Your Ceiling?

Can You Use Lattice for Your Ceiling

Can You Use Lattice for Your Ceiling

Yes, yes you can. Lattice is great to use for adding dimension to a room.

Are considering finishing your basement, but don’t want the standard drop ceiling panels? Use lattice.

Use Lattice for your Basement Ceiling

The suspended lattice panels beneath your existing ceiling can make a room feel cozy and warm. Not to mention the lattice can help hide stains and cracks you may have on the ceiling. Or the wires, pipes, and duct work that runs across the top of your unfinished ceiling in the basement.

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Saftey Ratings for Vinyl Lattice

Something to consider if you choose to add lattice to an indoor design is the fire rating. Here are the Fire ratings the DuraShell® vinyl lattice meets and exceeds.

Surface Burning ASTM E84-95:
Rate of Burning ASTM D 635-91:
Ignition Properties of Plastic ASTM D1929-91a:
Smoke density of PVC lattice ASTM D2843:

With the peace of mind given from the fire rating test results, you can rest assured that our lattice is just as safe to use indoors as any of your other building materials.

Now that you’ve thought about lattice for your ceiling, consider the other interior areas of your home as well. Think about how the lattice can make that one plain wall pop, or how it can be used for card displays, head boards or in your craft area. The possibilities are endless.

You can see the full ASTM rating information on the “Test Results” page of our website. Yes, we really did list our ratings, doesn’t everyone?

Permalatt Products, Inc. is the manufacturer a premium, high-quality lattice that can be used in any of your projects. Inside and out! Contact us today or visit us at We’d love to hear from you.

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